If I was Joanna Gaines .. ( and how comparison kills your vibe)

joanna1So if you haven’t heard of Joanna Gaines by now , well now you have.  But I am assuming if you are in my age bracket you watch HGTV and may love Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper ( or maybe you don’t)  I think the show is awesome and even have to admit that I took the trip to the silos to visit (see photo below) ..   But here’s the point I am trying to share with you . we all put someone on a pedestal  of who we aspire to be or compare ourselves too and lets face it, it hurts you more than you know .  yourenough


Maybe it’s a good friend and you think her life is perfect and everything good happens to her .   She always wins and I seem to always have the weight of the world on my shoulders..  You get me right ?? So what I say is STOP this thinking now .. Comparison is the thief of joy .. you can’t continue to compare yourself  and put someone above you.  It is great to have goals and dreams but Trust ME you don’t need the perfect farmhouse to make your dreams a reality .. you need to LOVE yourself more .. know your doing the best you can ….  Because Joanna is just like you and me .. she has kids, and struggles and a life we never see behind the scenes .. And that’s what social media does.. it allows people to escape from real life and sugar coats things that are not real so that we all end up with this mentality that we have to have the perfect house, the perfect life and we will be successful ! Don’t fall into the trap my friends .. just choose that you are PERFECTLY IMPERFECT .. and embrace the faults, flaws.. and hills (or mountains ) you climb everyday .. because you can get through !  You are given only one life and you need to live it caring and nurturing yourself .. because once you do you will also see the world smiling with you !

with so much love,



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