The Summer of You !

summerof you


So I hope you will join me for the next 12 weeks as I bring you some amazing tips and tricks to help make it the BEST SUMMER for taking care of YOU !!!  You deserve it my friends!  Take time for yourself and I will share my best secrets for getting more energy, better sleep , less STRESS !!! And finding your HAPPY .. Summer is crazy for alot of us with kids ( I have teens ) who need to go to camp, practice , etc ! .. SO please take time to sit and enjoy the moment and take care of yourself .. Remember , only you can make YOU happy .. no one else will do this for you .. Okay so I am going to leave you with this today .. for the 1st week ..  I will also be doing facebook lives and giveaways to jump start your health and wellness so stay tuned !!!


 SO here are five foods that will make you feel good…
  • Raw walnuts and cashews. I am a huge nut fan .. who knew ??? 
  • Kale. … salad anyone ??
  • Oysters. …  yummy !
  • Coffee. … seriously one of my favorites !!! right ?? if you are a coffee drinker did you know it makes you happy !!!
  • Dark chocolate  .. YES PLEASE .. I will take some dark chocolate any day of the week !


Have a wonderful week all !! hope to see you soon .. make sure to follow my instagram and facebook as I will be sharing more throughout the week !!  I would love to add you to my facebook group for special lives and giveaways !

with all my love !





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