About Me



Hello !! I am so glad you found me .IMG_5355

  So let me tell you a little about me ....I am married to my best friend, Chad, and we live in Scottsdale, Arizona with our 2 teenage sons, Ethan and Cole and our 3 Aussie dogs ( Cisco, Quinnston, and Sookie )

     I grew up in a very small town in rural Michigan outside of Kalamazoo.  My father was a tool maker, inventor and entrepreneur .. and my grandmother, who I was also very close with was also a knitter.  From these two wonderful beings I learned so much of who I am today, especially creativity and being an Entrepreneur.  My father was always creating new things and tools to make life easier and his job simpler.  I got to work in his tool shop and learned to use many of his tools.  When I was pregnant with the first grandchild he passed away unexpectedly.  He taught me so many things in his short 49 years here.  But most importantly I learned that life is way to SHORT, live your Dreams and if you work hard enough you CAN make things happen !   It was an important lesson that I carry with me still and believe me there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish he was here..

During the past 12 years I have ran my own successful jewelry company, been my own boss and learned how to somehow juggle motherhood, and being a wife  at the same time.  My youngest child has cerebral palsy from an in-utero stroke.  And when we found out about this I knew I had to work at home to deal with his  special needs..  When he was a baby he required so much extra care and therapy and still requires many doctors appointments and so much more to this day.  However, right now  he is a happy  teenager and although we still deal with his day to day struggles and use of only one hand, he has come so far from needing me as much as he once did.  Luckily for me too,  I  have a strong family foundation and my husband has supported me every step of the way with every up and down of running business and being a mom.

So running my own wonderful business  has been challenging and rewarding.. I have had success and failures.. I have learned so much about myself ! I found a passion in bikram yoga ( hot yoga) I found how to nurture myself and become more fulfilled !! I also have a Masters Degree in Social Work .. and believe that by empowering women we help each other succeed.  I have suffered from burnout , anxiety and isolation .. I have laughed at myself and I have cried.  I have learned to let go of things I can’t change and many of my mistakes.  With that being said   I have recently switched my gears to a new direct sales company with amazing products that make me feel loved and cared for.. although my creativity will remain in my heart and a part of who I am forever.  ..  I have so many ideas to share with you .. along the way I have learned so many valuable lessons on burnout, failure, success,  life, family , taking care of me, loosing myself & finding myself again.. As mothers, wives and dream builders we forget to take care of ourselves in the process.  I am here to show you how to do both …. You can Run a business, take care of you and love YOURSELF !!!  I hope you will share your journey with me !