Here are 4 ways to love yourself

Here are 4 ways you can begin to love yourself…love yourself

You can learn to love yourself .. You may have heard you can’t have happiness if your not happy with yourself .. Well this goes the same for love too. You can’t love someone else if you don’t first love yourself.

1. Accept where you are today .

Let’s face it, we are not perfect nor should we try to be.  Accept your faults and your downfalls , they are not necessarily a bad thing just a part of your character . Look around breathe and take in the moment right now .  You don’t have to be the perfect weight, size, mom , friend etc. you are perfectly imperfect and that’s ok !

Love who you are right now!love yourself

2.  Have relationships and friendships that make you feel loved and appreciated.

It’s okay to say bye bye to unhealthy relationships if they are not making you feel good. You want to surround yourself with the people that accept you for who you are .. I mean no one wants to be 40 something or older and dealing with the mean girls from high school.  We are way to old and life is short ! Your vibe will attract your Tribe!

3.  Connect with your inner self.

Yes this might mean meditating , going to yoga , or doing something for at least 5 minutes each day .. Make self affirmations , write them down and read them aloud to yourself so you hear it out loud .. You are loved, you are strong etc..  I love yoga and know that I can’t live without it .. when I get stressed I go and leave it all on the mat.  It works ! Don’t be afraid to have positive self talks with yourself . You are worth it !love yourself

4. Learn to take care of yourself.

If you are not caring for yourself first you can’t help others.  Simple things to take care of yourself can include exercising , vitamins , diffusing oils ( like orange, lemon or bergamot), eating healthy . I know if I am not taking my vitamins and doing these things that I am no good to myself or helping my family  .. On days that I am having a bad day or even on good days.  Yoga also is soo good for releasing toxins that you have inside you and teaching your mind how to breathe.  Or just go for a walk and listen to music .. sit outside ! Summer time is the perfect time to start living the life you love!

I know that life isn’t easy .. we are pushed and pulled everyday by the ones that love us and we care for, but if you don’t take care of yourself through all of these situations you will be left with an empty shelf .  Currently I am reading the book Present over Perfect .. It’s amazing and if you want to check it out you can here ..

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So only you can take the step and changes to make it happen .. No one can do it for you ..  If you would like to know my  some healthy alternatives that are working wonders for me right now ..  just email me.  I would love to connect with you!


with all my love ,


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The Summer of You !

summerof you


So I hope you will join me for the next 12 weeks as I bring you some amazing tips and tricks to help make it the BEST SUMMER for taking care of YOU !!!  You deserve it my friends!  Take time for yourself and I will share my best secrets for getting more energy, better sleep , less STRESS !!! And finding your HAPPY .. Summer is crazy for alot of us with kids ( I have teens ) who need to go to camp, practice , etc ! .. SO please take time to sit and enjoy the moment and take care of yourself .. Remember , only you can make YOU happy .. no one else will do this for you .. Okay so I am going to leave you with this today .. for the 1st week ..  I will also be doing facebook lives and giveaways to jump start your health and wellness so stay tuned !!!


 SO here are five foods that will make you feel good…
  • Raw walnuts and cashews. I am a huge nut fan .. who knew ??? 
  • Kale. … salad anyone ??
  • Oysters. …  yummy !
  • Coffee. … seriously one of my favorites !!! right ?? if you are a coffee drinker did you know it makes you happy !!!
  • Dark chocolate  .. YES PLEASE .. I will take some dark chocolate any day of the week !


Have a wonderful week all !! hope to see you soon .. make sure to follow my instagram and facebook as I will be sharing more throughout the week !!  I would love to add you to my facebook group for special lives and giveaways !

with all my love !





If I was Joanna Gaines .. ( and how comparison kills your vibe)

joanna1So if you haven’t heard of Joanna Gaines by now , well now you have.  But I am assuming if you are in my age bracket you watch HGTV and may love Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper ( or maybe you don’t)  I think the show is awesome and even have to admit that I took the trip to the silos to visit (see photo below) ..   But here’s the point I am trying to share with you . we all put someone on a pedestal  of who we aspire to be or compare ourselves too and lets face it, it hurts you more than you know .  yourenough


Maybe it’s a good friend and you think her life is perfect and everything good happens to her .   She always wins and I seem to always have the weight of the world on my shoulders..  You get me right ?? So what I say is STOP this thinking now .. Comparison is the thief of joy .. you can’t continue to compare yourself  and put someone above you.  It is great to have goals and dreams but Trust ME you don’t need the perfect farmhouse to make your dreams a reality .. you need to LOVE yourself more .. know your doing the best you can ….  Because Joanna is just like you and me .. she has kids, and struggles and a life we never see behind the scenes .. And that’s what social media does.. it allows people to escape from real life and sugar coats things that are not real so that we all end up with this mentality that we have to have the perfect house, the perfect life and we will be successful ! Don’t fall into the trap my friends .. just choose that you are PERFECTLY IMPERFECT .. and embrace the faults, flaws.. and hills (or mountains ) you climb everyday .. because you can get through !  You are given only one life and you need to live it caring and nurturing yourself .. because once you do you will also see the world smiling with you !

with so much love,



She is Letting go & transforming

If you have found me this is my first blog post on my new page .. I am so happy to be starting a new journey in my life may know me as Beth Quinn Designs..  But I have decided to start a new journey and a new path for myself.    I want to empower women to let go and feel a sense of belonging ..  We as mothers let so much of being a mom consume us until we only know how to be a mom .. we are tired, wornout. burned out .. We loose ourselves completely .. I want to have a place where you can come and see your not alone , to be loved .. and to learn to love yourself first .. Yes , you truly can love yourself and the whole world will not fall apart and explode.. you can take care of your needs first and your children will still get food, shelter and still feel loved.. your husband will even see a change in you ..and let me tell you .. we can’t love another person whole heartedly if we do not love ourselves FIRST.. Heck they will probably love you more for it .. so this post is about letting go of things that are no longer serving us and changing and transforming our lives .. Our fear of what can be or might be holds us back ..  I am quite an introverted person, and also suffer from anxiety and depression…  I have hypothyroidism .   but I also have made a really successful business selling my jewelry .. I have had employees, independent reps, and even a sales manager ..  And have loved this journey but a couple years ago some things came to a screeching hault for me.. my marriage was on the brink of disaster , I wasn’t caring for myself and  only looking out for everyone’s needs but my own.  I was not living with intention or really enjoying anything  .. so at this point in my life I hit the all time low..  almost ending in a divorce . and the only thing I can do to describe what happened to me personally is say at this time something changed in me deep down to my soul  .. it was like a whole new person took over ..and a new Beth awakened ..


I learned to begin loving myself and taking care of myself .. I started bikram yoga (hot yoga)which was life changing for me ..I lost over 35 pounds .. not dieting but eating healthy and actually caring for ME ..  And  at that point I actually started realizing that I am loved .. not because someone else loves me but because I love me ! Because truly its only then that  you realize how really special you are in this life.   At that point in my life my entire focus shifted.. the Beth I was no longer existed and I became an all new me .. At this point my career focus changed too.. I realized that I was so caught up in trying to be liked that I didn’t even realize that I didn’t like myself.. I was trying to feed a constant hole that could not be filled by detaching being a workaholic , loosing myself in my work and doing what I could just to survive.    Which has led me to my new path that I am currently on .. letting go of fear and letting go of some of the things that are burning me out and no longer bringing me joy .. My creative passion lies within me still, but my heart is telling me it’s time for a new BEGINNING ..   I think when you open yourself up to change it is only then that you can realize what other possibilities are awaiting you behind the next door.. dreamsseriously

So i hope you will continue to follow my journey and share with me as well !! I look forward to providing a place to empower you .. give you ideas to help build your dreams, business and lives  .. and to not let anything hold you back from the true person you are meant to be..

with all my love ,